• 25 Things to Do in San Andrés

    San Andrés Island, as well as all the Caribbean islands, has a lot of activity both during the day and during the night. This list of 25 things to do in San Andrés is an invitation to try what many times our visitors don’t do, simply because they don’t know. We hope you do all of them, or that only one or two of these things remain missing.

    1. Ride around the island in a super-charged golf cart, “mule” or in a bicycle.

    2. Go to the beaches of downtown San Andrés.

    3. Go to the beaches of San Luis.

    4. Go to the natural aquarium.

    5. Go to Punta Sur and watch the sunset.

    6. Go to Johnny Cay.

    7. Go to La Piscinita.

    8. Go to La Laguna.

    9. Go to the Baptist Church La Loma.

    10. Have lunch in Haynes Cay.

    11. Go snorkeling.

    12. Swim in the barrier reef.

    13. Walk the Spratt Way.

    14. Eat shrimp ceviche.

    15. Drink Coco Loco.

    16. Eat breadfruit.

    17. Eat crab carpaccio.

    18. Go kayaking by the mangrove swamp.

    19. Go diving.

    20. Go kitesurfing

    21. Go to the disco Éxtasis.

    22. See the sunrise at Bar De Kella.

    23. Go To the Bar Banzai

    24. Ask for discount when shopping.

    25. Go shopping.

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