• Ride around the island

    This is the most common and traditional tour. It is best to take it with no hurries, as the island is only 25 km2, and if you do it fast, you won’t enjoy everything you will find along the way. You can either rent a golf cart, a “mule” (super-charged golf cart) or a bicycle, depending on your physical condition and budget. It is a tour that, if done right, can take the whole day because, along the way, you will find many tourist attractions that you can visit. You can also spend time on beaches and find good restaurants for lunch. You will end the tour enjoying the sunset.

    It is recommended to start the tour clockwise, that is, visit San Luis first; then head to the beaches of Rocky Cay or Sound Bay, as desired; find a good restaurant and continue the tour visiting places like Punta Sur (a restaurant), La Piscinita and other places of interest. You will end the ride around the island enjoying the sunset. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, and travel light!
  • Natural aquarium and Johnny Cay

    This tour involves visiting two of the closest cays or islands to San Andrés Island. You will visit the natural aquarium in the morning and head to Johnny Cay at noon where you will have lunch.

    A recommended option for visitors is to go to the natural aquarium and have lunch at Haynes Cay in the typical Rasta restaurant, Buba’s Place, and then visit Jonny Cay.

    Boats are used for this tour and you will share them with other visitors. The hours of transfer between the islands are coordinated. We suggest carrying a mask for snorkeling in this area and sea shoes to walk between the natural aquarium and Haynes Cay, as the bottom is rocky.
  • The Baptist Church and the large pond of La Laguna

    They are a must-visit as this church is one of the oldest and best preserved of the island. It is located in a hill where you can enjoy a spectacular view. From the Baptist Church, you can go to La Laguna. It will be an ecological walk surrounded by nature. You would never imagine finding this on an island. For locals, this is the only source of water.
  • La Piscinita

    When you go on a ride around the island, do not forget to go to “La Piscinita", a picturesque place where, for less than a dollar, you get a few pieces of bread and you can feed the hundreds of fish in there. You can also swim with them and we suggest carrying a mask to see them up close. If you do not have a mask, you can also rent one, but if you do the math, it is better buying a good one than renting many bad ones.
  • Beaches in downtown San Andrés and in San Luis

    You can go sunbathing there. You will find some restaurants on the beaches with very good service and variety of dishes. You can also enjoy the breeze and waves in Rocky Cay (mild) and Sound Bay (strong).

    The beaches in downtown San Andrés, which are right in front of the pedestrian street, are the most crowded on the island. There, you can see the sea of 7 colors, feel the breeze and enjoy a beautiful landscape. You can walk from downtown to get there and you will find stores to buy drinks and food.

    To get to the beaches of San Luis, you must take a bus, taxi, or “mule” and it is approximately a 10-minute-ride from downtown. In Rocky Cay, the waves are mild and pleasant; in Sound Bay, you will find stronger waves. Both beaches are equally beautiful. It is recommended to take drinks and snacks with you because they are not easily found there as they are on the beaches in downtown. Recommended restaurants in Sound Bay: El Paraíso and Donde Francesca.
  • Diving

    If you want to enjoy the majestic underwater scenery, this is an excellent choice. There are different places to dive, from professional sites to places where mini courses are offered. So not knowing how to dive will no longer be an excuse because you can take a mini course for one day and visit a sunken ship or a fantastic place underwater.
  • Rent a sailing boat

    These boats are for a maximum of 4 people, captain included. You can peacefully and safely sail around the bay. On this tour we recommend bringing a small fridge full of drinks, snacks and a good sunscreen. This sailing boat goes wherever you want the wind to take you. You can anchor it in the natural aquarium to have lunch, enjoy the beach and then come back to the city. It is important to check the climate before sailing, since there are seasons in which sailing boats aren’t rented for safety reasons.
  • Kitesurfing

    If kitesurfing is your passion, you should visit one of the marinas where you can rent equipment and sail under the supervision and guidance of locals. In case you have your equipment, you can find company and safety instructions at the marinas.
  • Kayaking by the mangrove swamp

    If peace is your thing, the tranquility of a pleasant kayak ride seeing the nature in calm waters is a very good choice, especially if you set sail from Chamey’s marina. There you will rent a kayak for two people and will enjoy a very pleasant trip by the magnificent mangrove swamp.

    We recommend bringing sunscreen as well as drinks and snacks, since after beginning the trip you will be alone in your voyage.
  • Bay cruise

    A cruise can take you around the bay and offer you, at the same time, activities onboard. It goes around the pier and the San Andrés Bay, arrives to the natural aquarium and then returns. It usually doesn’t stop anywhere but the activities onboard make the tour pleasant.
  • Morgan’s cave

    This is a very popular place but not the most attractive one. If you want to visit the typical attractions, this is one of them; but be prepared if you visit it, since you may realize that it isn’t what you expected. Many visitors go to Morgan’s cave to take the respective picture; but be careful because sometimes the pictures you take, even with your own camera, must be paid. A museum with things really invented was created a few years ago. Actually, it is a complete myth but as the years went by this place became a tourist attraction.
  • Hoyo Soplador (Blow hole)

    In its finest moment, this was a heavenly place. Nowadays, it is flooded with stores and, depending on the time of the year, a column of wind and water of several meters high may come out of this hole. When that doesn’t happen, you will find stores and many typical trinkets.

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